Euphoria at the International Beauty Show

Some may say I am slightly obsessed with the latest hair and beauty trends. I can spend hours watching hair and makeup tutorials. Sephora, Ulta, and Lush are my favorite places in the world. So when I heard about the International Beauty Show (IBS) in NYC I jumped at the chance to go. What could be better than all of the latest trends, stylist, and makeup artist in one place? I cannot think of anything.

The night before I left for IBS I could hardly sleep. I was so excited but also a little hesitant. I was looking forward to all of the amazing products and people I was going to be able to see but there was one little problem. I was not looking forward to navigating NYC all by myself. I was so worried I would get lost and miss the show. I overcame this anxiety though for my love of all things beauty.

The day was finally here, and my excitement overtook any anxiety I was having. I jumped in the car and headed to the Javits Center. Once I got there guess what happened? I got lost, everything I was worried about began to happen. I took the wrong train and ended up no where near the show. I however was not going to let this stop me. After wandering around for a bit I finally called an Uber.

When I first walked into the Javits Center I was amazed. I was so excited and a little overwhelmed. I was in heaven, everything I love was in one place. The most excited part of the show was when I met Kelley Baker, celebrity eyebrow artesian. She is responsible for celebrity eyebrows including the Kardashians, Ariana Grande, and the cast of Pretty Little Liars. I was watching a demonstration when she pulled me out of a crowd and asked if I wanted to get my eyebrows done. I jumped at the opportunity. She did such an amazing job, I wish she could do my eyebrows all of the time. I was so impressed with Kelley I purchased her Three Bee Brow Defining Kit. It includes a highlighter, pencil, and brush. This kit has been life changing. While Kelley’s products can get a little pricey I think it is worse the splurge.

The eyebrow kit was just the start of my purchasing at IBS. I wanted everything that I saw. I however limited myself to only buying products that would help further my goal to become a prominent make up artist and stylist. My favorite thing I got was a Glad Kind makeup case. It is self standing and has an amazing vanity setup, that produces crisp and clear light.

I also purchased a few products from Morphie, they make high quality professional make up. I love the contour kit, and two pallets I got. I personally use warm colors on myself but the cool pallet I got from Morphie is spectacular. Purchasing these palettes has re-energized me to continue doing makeup professionally. I know it sounds strange but having amazing products inspires me to create beautiful looks for women, and nothing makes me happier than that.

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