Happy Birthday!!!

So I am halfway to fifty. At first this made me feel a bit overwhelmed. I just moved into my own apartment, my boyfriend is coming back from deployment soon, and my career is developing. I have everything I could ask for but it is a lot to process all at once. I am actually an adult now. I felt like my youth was being sucked away and replaced with responsibility. I was unsure as to how I felt about all of these changes and this huge milestone.


I however am incredibly lucky. I have a built in family at the salon and they were not going to let me wallow in my anxiety about aging. They threw me an amazing birthday party and reminded me of all the fun I was still going to have even if I am a year older. They took the time to celebrate me, and I was so grateful.


We worked so hard last Saturday in the salon that at the end of the day we were all ready to relax and have a bit of fun. After work we all got ready for a fun night together. The girls surprised me with delicious white cupcakes and balloons. This small gesture made me feel so loved. Having time together to just be ourselves, be silly, and not worry about work or life was just what I needed. The group of us went out after the cupcakes and danced like no one was watching. What else is a birthday for if not to dance?
I honestly am so happy to work at The Broadway Salon with this amazing group of women. Not only do they make my days at work more enjoyable but they have become friends for life. As time goes by I am going to have these amazing women to celebrate all of life’s amazing moments with and rely on them when things get hard. I do not think aging is going to be so bad as long as I have them on my side.


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