The Broadway Salon is one of the most unique places I have ever stepped foot in. It is not just a salon but a small community. At first I did not know what to expect. You see, I am not a stylist. I am hardly even able to braid my own hair but when Frank offered me a position at his salon I figured it was at least worth looking into. So mid January I went to the salon to meet the stylists and just see what they were all about.

Did I mention how anxious I was? I was not even able to articulate a single sentence. I was intimidated to the point of almost paralysis by my expectations of a salon on Broadway in Saratoga. I kept hearing in my head, “This is not for me. Figure out a way to politely get out of this.” I can tell you today how happy I am I never listened to that voice.

I gave the salon a chance, I got to know the stylist and clients. It was not long until I realized how special of a salon this was and it is not because of the stylist abilities but because of their amazing character. I have now worked at The Broadway Salon for a little over two months and getting to know the stylist has been one of the best experiences of my life.

If you have ever met Frank, the owner of the salon then you know of his passionate and animated personality. This passion and excitement has infiltrated every aspect of the salon including staffing. The first stylist I really got to know was Alek. She gave me a blowout on my first day there. I was so stiff and did not speak to her. Alek must have either thought I was strange or boring. She however was so kind to me and showed me around the salon and took the time to get to know a little about me. She made me feel welcomed into a world I knew very little about. Over the next few weeks I began to work closely with Alek and got to know her. She is not only a dedicated stylist but incredibly kind. She treats every person that steps through the salon doors as if they are family. She cares not only about making a clients hair look amazing but how the client is doing, how their family is, and what they have planned for the future. Alek is the heartbeat of The Broadway Salon.

Maria was the second stylist I got to know well at The Broadway Salon. She was easy to get to know because she has more energy and excitement than anyone I have ever met. I would sit at the front desk quietly working and she would just start asking me questions about myself. Maria gave me no space to be shy. She always offered to do my hair, which I desperately needed help with and was happy to answer all of my questions. She is so passionate about hair and makeup that every question I asked was answered promptly with such a sense of excitement in her voice. She is the newest stylist to be added to the team but I completely understand why Frank chose her. She exudes joy and makes everyone feel beautiful. Clients cannot help but smile when Maria is nearby. If Alek is the heartbeat of the salon, Maria is the personality.

As time went on I had to keep stepping out of my shell. I began to feel more comfortable but not completely at home. Shannon helped me feel like I actually belonged at the salon. It is almost hard to put into words how she did it, but I think it was because of how she never went out of her way to bond with me, it just happened. It is not that Shannon is shy or reserved, I would not say any of the stylist are. We began with just general conversation that got more personal over time. She uses this same approach with her clients. She speaks through her craft and then gets to know her clients. She cares about them without pushing herself onto them. Shannon is strong yet so gentle and loving. She says nothing she does not truly believe and this makes her the soul of the salon.

Noel and Taryn complete The Broadway Salons team. Noel is a stylist and Taryn is the receptionist. I mention these two women together because I feel they share many of the same qualities. Do not get me wrong they have very different personalities but share the same instincts. Noel is clever, creative, and always makes me laugh. She is incredibly experienced at what she does and cares about the overall success of the salon. Taryn is gracious, loyal, and kind. She is always willing to support the stylist in any way possible. Both of these women take on a roll of almost a caretaker of the stylist. They bring an ease and sense of completion to the salon. They act as the nerve center for the salon.

I am beyond excited to have met these wonderful women and I am eager for you to get to know them in a more intimate way as well. They all have so much to offer to the world. They are talented beyond their years but also and in my opinion, more importantly incredible women. I chose to introduce The Broadway Salons blog in this way because I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for all of them. This blog will be a window into the stylists world. They will discuss everything from hair, makeup, lifestyle, family, and more. We all hope this will help you feel more apart of our community. Thank you for joining us on this fun new adventure.

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